Ukrainian language classes in New York City
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Learning Ukrainian in Brooklyn.

I'm looking for someplace to take ukraininan lessons in brooklyn/lower manhattan. Anyone have any ideas? Googling has brought up some corporate language training shops, but I'm looking for something more academic or low key.

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Best answer: NYU has some Ukrainian courses, though as the second semester is starting, it looks like the second half of the sequence is being offered (ie, Intro II). You'd also have to see if you could register as a non-degree student, or audit.

Go here:

and search for "Ukrainian".
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Best answer: I don't know about resources in New York, per se, but there is a proliferation of web-based language learning options right now, some of which are described in this article. You could learn through those sites or use them as companion materials to in-person classes.

I googled "Ukrainian Center, New York" to see if there are any cultural centers in the area who could refer you to a native-speaking tutor - here are a couple of places you could try calling.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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