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I seem to remember seeing a blog whose goal was to write a short summary of every Law & Order episode. I can't seem to find it now, and the huge number of blogs that discuss Law & Order in general makes it extremely difficult to search for. Anyone remember this at all? Is it still around?
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I don't know what blog you're talking about, but the main LAO website actually has short descriptions of each of the episodes (sans spoilers). Thought I'd mention it just in case you haven't looked there yet.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 5:32 AM on April 13, 2005 has summaries of many, many shows. Though for Law & Order they are rather brief.
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This is not a blog but a good, if spare, episode guide nonetheless.

And wow, I just found this extremely useful guide to when L&O is on next and what ep it will be.
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Best answer: This one could be the one you are talking about. It has most episodes covered and is searchable.
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Response by poster: cushie, that's exactly it. Those other links are cool, too, though.
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this is the best blog ever, seriously.

this entry includes the MP3 of Serena getting fired... "Is this because I'm a lesbian???"
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Were I a lesbian, I'd make that my ringtone, aGreatNotion. Then again, I still might.
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