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Can you help me identify this song and artist? It is driving me crazy because I hear it used as background music so often. It is especially a favorite of NPR and its many related organizations.

You can hear this song on a story on this week's This American Life radio program. The story was called "Say Anything" and the particular segment was by "Eat Pray Love" author Elizabeth Gilbet. You can skip to 50:20 mark of this hour long program to hear this song as background music. Click here to play audio online.. Song starts around 50:20 mark. It reminds me of a barnyard setting and a bold chicken doing a dance.

This has been driving me nuts every time I hear it, at least three times in the past week. So many thanks to anyone who can help me solve the title and author. The whole program is pretty good, btw.
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It's Buried at Sea by "MC 900 Ft. Jesus" on the album One Step Ahead of the Spider released in 1994. I don't know the band or the song, but Sound Hound on my iphone got it, and I confirmed it by listening to the song.
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See here, where you can listen to part of the song.
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Also on youtube:
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Wow that's it and thank you so much for that answer. I do find that an incredible tune and I must not be alone since to this day it is played so often. Funny I never heard of that group before. Thanks again. I'm going to buy that and play it when the rooster begins his mating dance on a warm sunny day.
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I just wanted to say thanks because I just listened to the same TAL show and was also wondering what the song was and the MC 900 Ft. Jesus part of my brain was very cobwebby and I would have never figured it out. Luckily, I remembered seeing a question here about some background music on NPR and it was exactly the same thing I was wondering. What are the odds?
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