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In which I try to recall the name of a SF podcast in which a "freelance librarian" in a totalitarian future broadcasts a radio signal to the past, in an effort to change history.

I remember liking this audio serial many years back (maybe as many as 10), but have been unable to retrieve enough details to google it. It may not even have been an actual podcast, so much as a set of mp3s released on a website. The details such as I remember:

* The title was something like Tales of the Other-now / Otherwhen

* The narrator, who called himself "freelance librarian 2nd class (name)", was somehow was staging a radio broadcast to the past. The broadcast was cut through with static, dropped out occasionally, or was interrupted by outside events.

* It's explained at the beginning that the dark future starts with DRMed media, with listeners having to have a "license" to consume entertainment.

* There were 3 series of the show, but later shows conflicted with the earlier ones or ran in parallel because of history changing.

Sound familiar?
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Best answer:

Tales from the Afternow?
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Response by poster: Afternow. That's it. No wonder I couldn't google it. Thanks!
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