Where can I find down jackets that don't have logos on them?
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Where can I find down jackets that don't have logos on them?

After a year of denial, it's rapidly becoming clear to me that my wool coat is not sufficiently warm enough for Boston winters. I'd like to get something warmer for the 0-32°F zone. Unfortunately, I have a number of weird neuroses about clothes that make finding what I'm looking for more difficult than it should be.

What seems to be the biggest issue is finding a coat that doesn't have a logo on it. I want no writing, no brand names, no icons - nothing. I can live with icon-based (eg no text) logos if I've never heard of them and they're unlikely to mean anything to most people, but would prefer it to be totally clean.

I've got another kind of weird constraint too - I much prefer jackets that aren't trying to be "sporty." I'm a city kid, and for some reason I much prefer avoiding stuff that's designed or marketed or branded for winter sports. I don't ski, I don't hike - I just spend lots of time walking around in a very cold city and want something that keeps me warm without saying "I'd rather be on the slopes right now." I've mostly given up on finding this sort of thing, and most of the examples below have this problem, but I figured I'd mention in case it triggered any ideas.

Some (branded) examples that are pretty close to something I could see myself wearing, if they were unbranded:

Nau makes a lot of stuff that I like (and I have some of their other jackets), but I'm worried that this just isn't heavy enough on its own:

And this is just way overkill, but I like how it looks:

Does anyone have suggestions about places to look for this kind of thing? I'm totally open to other un-branded styles than the stuff I've included above, but it seems like all the wool-based stuff is just not rated for every-day use in sub-zero temperatures and I haven't found much stuff that's warm enough that doesn't have that puffy/down look.
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Land's End seems to have some without logos.
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In general, the cheaper the item, the more prominent the logo. (Based on my SO's experience working at 3 different outdoor apparel companies.)

Here's a logo in the bottom down coat that isn't puffy (and I can attest that it is a sweet coat because I have the woman's version and my SO has the men's.)
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Land's End Canvas is having a 50% off sale including this logo-less down.
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LL Bean has some, too.
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Is it possible a seam ripper would help?
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I own from REI. It is unbranded.

Like you, I hate logos on clothing.
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Best answer: I have this one, from Brooklyn Industries. The only "logo" is a tiny tone-on-tone water tower on the upper right. About the size of a nickel, no words, and I highly doubt anyone in Boston is going to know the Brooklyn Industries brand well enough to be aware that the tiny water tower is, like, a thing.

It's warm as hell and has lots of awesome details like fleece-lined pocket, interior pockets, and a lined wrist with a hole for your thumb.
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Just got an awesome Nautica down jacket which has no logo whatsoever - there was a "pull" attached to the zipper which I just removed, but that is it. Mine is a women's, but looks like the same can be said for their men's jackets.

(Ironically, due to the exact same reason - well, more technically, my boyfriend's mother could no longer stand the idea of me living through Boston winters with only my wool coats).
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I would try to find something not-too-sporty at Lands' End, LL Bean, or another "outdoorsy-but-casual" company, as they rate their coats temperature-wise and (at least for women) have a wide range of sizes. Plus they show customer reviews, which is always helpful.
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I would going to suggest MEC for a plain, unbranded down jacket, but REI might be a better bet if you don't want to get it shipped from Canada.
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Cabela's might be another option. Both Bean and Cabela's have waxed cotton down, which tends to look less sporty. Perhaps a little more country than you're looking for? But nice.

I went through some wrath about everything being a duvet with sleeves and why couldn't I have a proper wool coat that was warm boo hoo hoo, and then I started buying warm down coats, and -- well, your coat neuroses will end on the first really cold day with a good down coat. And, do check retailmenot.com for coupon codes for free shipping (etc) for a lot of the places mentioned here.
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Our down jackets from L.L. Bean don't have any logo/branding anywhere outside, and they're very warm and cozy so far.
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Nthing L.L. Bean. This parka is similar to the ones you linked to, but this one or this one would avoid "that puffy/down look" (it's a little unclear whether you like or dislike the visible baffling).
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Response by poster: Thanks so much for all the wonderful suggestions! Lots of stuff I'd be happy with, but I'm pretty certain I'm going to go with this one from Brooklyn Industries.

Thanks everyone!
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I will second the Brooklyn Industries rec. They are warm and great, and don't have flashy logos. The fleece pockets are the best things ever.
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