Where to find a photo of a bare white Mediterranean wall-- the kind one might see inside a house on the island of Hydra?
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Where can I find a photo of a bare white Mediterranean wall-- the kind one might see inside a house on the island of Hydra?

I'm looking for a largish photo of a naturally lit bare white interior Mediterranean wall-- the kind one might find inside a house or cottage in the Greek islands-- to use as a background for a 'blog' I'm setting up.

Examples of the kind of wall I'm looking for:



I've been able to find a lot of photos of these kinds of walls as backdrops of decorated rooms, but no straight-on shots of a bare wall itself. (A little ornamentation is okay, as I can remove it in Photoshop.) I'm hoping that the designers, photographers, artists, and techies on MF will have some idea.

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Have you tried flickr?

I found this one for example by searching for "white wall greece"
I am sure you can find more.
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This is one of those things that tends to require a little digging on stock photo sites, flickr, and maybe photobucket. I'm assuming that you want this for the background in some photoshop work - if so, I've had decent luck trawling in people's vacation photos. There are a lot of people out there who shoot everything at the highest resolution, and take pictures of totally off-the-wall stuff that more serioius photographers wouldn't. Like a blank wall. Or more typically, a poorly framed portrait of a friend standing in front of a blank wall, but the picture is so huge they can be easily cropped out.

If something like that won't do, or I'm mistaken about what you want the image for, welp, there are no guarantees that what you want is out there... And I've had to do some seriously oddball "we need to make a photo that looks like someone standing in front of the Great Wall of China, but the part of the Wall that's out in X province, not the usual touristy bit". Sometimes what you want simply doesn't exist.
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Try using advanced search on Flickr for creative commons licensed pictures.
A search for "Greece wall white" is a good start.
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Try searching for "Oia" or "Ia" which is a spot on Santorini where everyone goes just to take pictures of walls.
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