Help me get an amazing haircut in Boston!
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I'm a girl about to go to visit some friends in Boston, and I'd like to get the best haircut of my life while I'm there. Please help me check "get awesome hair" off my 2011 to-do list!

Over the last few years I have, somewhat inadvertently, developed a personal style and begun to actually enjoy dressing well. But! Recently, I've started to feel like my hair doesn't match the rest of me -- I have no idea what to do with it (I can manage two hairstyles: down and some semblance of a ponytail), and even though I have it cut / layered a few times a year it feels totally blahhh to me most of the time.

So! That's where you come in! Where can I go in Boston to (1) get a really really good haircut with minimal input from me, as I really have no idea what will be flattering and (2) get detailed, patient advice and instruction on how to style and wear my new haircut? Think: "How to Style Your Hair for Dummies" presented in a way that won't make me feel bad about having no idea how to use a blow dryer.

Potentially important information:
-- I'm a woman in my early mid-20s with long hair that's more thick than thin, somewhere between wavy and curly (but not coarse) and tends to be fairly dry.
-- I think I look a little severe, so ideally the stylist would know how to soften me up a bit.
-- I don't care what the final outcome looks like, as long as it's flattering and isn't too wild to wear to my fairly casual workplace.
-- I'm very familiar with the Boston-metro area (just not its hair salons) and would prefer somewhere T-accessible.
-- Cost is more-or-less irrelevant, as this is my major present to myself this year.

I've checked Yelp, but am having trouble sifting through the thousands of reviews and I've seen this question, but as it's from 2008 I thought I'd ask again.

Help me, Boston mefites; you're my only hope!
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For curly hair, I recommend finding a stylist who is trained in either Ouidad method or the DevaCurl method. It's not even so much that those methods are ideal (though some people swear that they are magical), but rather that it shows the stylist has experience with curly hair and puts a lot of thought into how to make it look good. Hopefully, that will help you to narrow things down a bit.
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James Joseph Salon on Newbury St, one block from the Arlington stop on the green line. Pricey, but worth it. Absolutely the best haircut of my life.
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Definitely go to
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I've been really happy with the folks at Judy Jetson, particularly Feri.
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I am not a Boston Mefite, but the 4 pages of results of this search on's Salon Finder -- plus any Boston Mefites' recommendations -- might help you narrow down the results of the Yelp reviews.

Good luck!
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I love love love my stylist Donika at Salon Acote on Newbury. She has done great with my fine wavy hair, my friend's coarse corkscrew curly hair, and everything in between. She's also great with color if that's of any interest. She's also good at doing creative things (since I never really know what I want) and teaching me how to do things to it and what sort of products to use.

Haircuts run me about $55, and I'm a woman with just-slightly-more-than-chin-length hair; if your hair is longer it might run you a bit more. Totally worth it.
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I can't say enough nice things about Leonard Stephen Salon right in Harvard Square. I had my hair (longish, curly/wavy, dry) cut by co-owner Stephen for I more than 15 years, until moved out of state. Yelp reviews:
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Virginia Xigoros at Blu-with-an-umlaut Salon is excellent with curly hair. She's also a total hoot. $60 to $70.
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2nd-ing Judy Jetson. It's near Porter.
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