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Are there any scripts/tricks/bright ideas for how to filter out search results from,, yahoo answers and other worthlessly crowdsourced Q&A forums that always seem to make up the first page of anything I google? Present company excluded, of course!

I know there are things I could manually punch in, but I'd like to find something that does this automatically, if such a thing exists.
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Try using this bookmarklet

javascript:q=""+(window.getSelection?window.getSelection():document.getSelection?document.getSelection():document.selection.createRange().text);if(!q)q=prompt("Search%20terms%20...").replace(/\s\+/g,"%252B");if(q!=null)location=""+q.replace(/\s+/g,"+")+" -inurl:(||kelkoo|bizrate|pixmania|dealtime|pricerunner|dooyoo|pricegrabber|pricewatch|resellerratings|ebay|shopbot|comparestoreprices|ciao|unbeatable|shopping|epinions|nextag|buy|bestwebbuys)";void(0);"
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It's possible in Firefox, but it does require a bit of web/url know-how.

Right-click on the text field at, and select "Add a keyword for this search." Pick a keyword like "g". This creates a quick-search bookmark; as long as it's in your bookmarks you can type "g (query)" into your location bar (NOT the search box) and hit enter, and it'll search google. You can do this with pretty much any search engine (any GET-based query) and make as many as you want; e.g. to search forums, etc.

To add conditions like -site: or -inurl:, you need to edit the bookmark's location field and add them to the URL manually. Look for the "%s", which indicates where your query will be inserted, and add them after that.
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You tagged this with greasemonkey, so I assume you're using firefox. In which case I would suggest OptimizeGoogle.
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I ran across this one earlier today. It is for chrome, though.
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Best answer: If you use FireFox, try OptimizeGoogle. It's a rewrite of the older, abandoned CustomizeGoogle plugin.

Install, restart FireFox.
Click OptimizeGoogle's options, then select Filter from the list on the left.

You can add lists of web sites or domains you want to exclude from searches.

www.expertsexchange. com is another site I always block.
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Best answer: I saw this today and thought of this thread: Search Engine Blacklist extension for Chrome
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