Where to buy harp strings in Canada
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My wife has a 44-string Venus harp. I think it's the Cherub model. The Venus website suggests a website to order from, but ordering online from a US retailer adds prohibitive shipping (and brokerage) costs, so I really need a Canadian retailer. Where can I buy harp strings near Niagara, or online? I'm willing to drive to Toronto if I have to, but would prefer to order them online. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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This kind of question has come up before, and a common answer is "Get yourself an address in the US for shipping purposes" at something like PO Boxes Etc. If you're near Niagara, it wouldn't even be all that long a drive to Buffalo.
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I can't say for sure but I think Remenyi House of Music in Toronto used to have a harp in their window.
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IAAH (I am a harpist). If it is indeed a Cherub, you're fine to order from anywhere; pedal harps all use the same kinds of strings, across all makers (apparently! I stick with folk/lever harps so this is new information to me ;). You just need to determine the octaves of the strings you want to replace. Venus has a guide for determining that here, and there may be other guides around. Google around until you find a vendor that looks trustworthy and/or has good reviews, and you're set.
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Remenyi would be able to handle it, but they tend to be expensive and a little snooty (combination of Yorkville and the convenience of being right across the road from the RCM).

If you want to buy mail-order from Canada I'd say that Vixen Harps in is your place. They'll figure out what you need and shipping will be reasonable if you go that route.
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Many, many places to buy harp strings are listed here.
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