Suggestions for a rolling music station for a tight apartment?
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Is there some sort of rolling table (maybe even one where I could have multiple layers of equipment) that I can keep all of my music gadgets set-up, but that can roll out of the way when the time comes?

I'm currently using an old drum trap case that is essentially a rolling 1.5ft x 3ft table at about waist height. It works well, but I have more equipment now than it can hold. The most important feature for me is that it can roll around my cramped apartment.

I'd love it if there were something made for musicians (maybe even with double keyboard racks) but I'm imagining something almost like what ive seen doctors rolling their laptops around on at the local hospital.

My equipment is as follows, I don't need space for a full keyboard.
Akai mpk25
Akai mpd24
Roland sp-555
Behringer bcd3000

Thanks so much in advance for your help!
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You want some sort of AV Cart.
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You may be able to build your idea solution using AnthroCart pieces.
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depends on your budget; putting something together yourself or repurposing might be cheaper than something designed specifically for musicians. I know that buying 19" rack trays and drawers to fit on rack rails can get expensive.

When i set up a rolling system, i just had a box about 30" high on wheels, with rack rails on the sides. Most of my gear was rackmountable, and the few bits that weren't sat on trays. Laptop went on the top of the box. Bought all the bits used, so it was a good solution for my needs. This was for use at home, so I didn't have to worry about hauling it up and down the stairs or anything.

not sure of the exact dimensions of your gear, but IKEA has a kitchen trolley that might work.

you could try something like this BRADA laptop support
on top of the trolley, to angle the iPad.
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Chef's carts have big wheels and slots at 2 inch intervals that accept trays for total adaptability. New they're expensive but you might find used ones through restaurant supply stores or at equipment auctions that sometimes take place after an eatery fails.
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Rubber Maid makes great rolling carts.

I am a contractor, and have several of these carts set up. Different size carts for different tasks. A rolling work station. The carts are really sturdy too.
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Consider having something custom made from a woodworker or cabinet shop. It won't be the cheapest option, but it will be exactly what you want and will last forever.
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