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I have a lot of (old) ICs Integrated Circuits. (Also, crazy piles of capacitors and resistors, etc. but let us concentrate on the ICs.) Is there a website where an average citizen with these items can sell them to buyers? I fear they would just get lost buried or unseen on "ebay", even moreso on "craigslist". SeekIC.com seems like the kind of site I am after, but I would like to sell to buyers in the USA.

Besides mountains of 74LS series ICs, I have some cool ones like MC68000P8s, Burr-Brown op-amps, and fancy DACs like AD1139J. "Dumpster!" you may say, but somebody out there wants these. How do I find those people?
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Hack A Day classifieds is one place. It's a little slow right now but they are definitely looking for your kind of stuff.

You may find that your Burr-Brown op-amps will fetch decent money in audiophile forums (I can't recommend specific ones because I am easily annoyed by audiophiles and so haven't joined any communities). I would personally like a handful of OPA128 for building transimpedance amps for photodiodes, but probably can't afford such fine silicon.

There are also surplus sites like MPJA and All Electronics or maybe Electronic Goldmine that will buy bulk from you. Give them a call and see if you can unload that way. They will not be paying top dollar, but they will likely pay for the large lots.

Were I in your position, I'd try to see if I could very easily assemble some neat kits of parts... a few op-amps with some orange drop caps (also valuable in audiophile world)... a "distortion pedal mod kit" with some germanium diodes and cool amps, etc. You'll make much more profit that way. You might also consider holding on to a shoebox with a few of each of these things, once in a while demand will peak on a specific neat part and it's worthwhile having them. SID chips were that way for a while.

Don't forget my finder's fee of two of everything you have. ;)
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2nding the hackaday classifieds. Also, if (at least for a subset of them) you're more interested in "goes to nerds who'll use them" rather than "making money", you could put together a great internet migratory box of junk with it.
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If there's a local hacker group you might put up a flyer. Or bring the boxes to the meeting. Tech flea market?
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I realize askme isn't ideal for selling things, but If you have little luck, I could buy a good bit of these off your hands. I'm currently working on small lighting projects involving 74 series ICs. If you'd like send me a mefimail quote or a link to your online ad if you're interested.
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Best answer: This would be a good question for the electronics stack exchange.

You might also want to search for some DIY audiophile forums and see if they have an appropriate place to post stuff for sale. In particular, if you have any old hard to find op amps, you might just have someone's treasure on your hands.
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Response by poster: From that amazing link to Electronics Stack Exchange,
I learned about findchips.com, oemstrade.com, octopart.com, and the like.

Still, not a trading site where buyers and sellers ebay away at it,
more like Suppliers only, OEM Sales only.

I guess I'm just dreaming, that these old chips have any value.
Still it's nice to dream.

When I look up my AD1139J on these websites, the prices there baffle confuse and excite me.
I dream of being able to sell the chips I have at even one-tenth of the price they are asking for out there. But still, I am not sure how to find the buyer.. ... ...

The age-old problem, eh!?
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You could try putting them on ebay with a reserve price or a starting bid that get you to at least tolerable-to-you prices.
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I'm pretty interested in the problem too. The world is begging for eBay alternatives really, but the marketplace doesn't seem to have room.

Your MC68000P8s sell for about $10 a piece on eBay. Burr Brown opamps sound good too, but it will depend on the part.

The key to getting any money at all is listing at fixed price for 30 days at a time. Cost is $0.50 per listing, so it gets expensive if stuff doesn't sell. Hence it is best to keep the price sensible.
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