Yes, the cover will have a shot of a Revenge of the Nerds poster...
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We've arranged a kinda small-scale school reunion for a select bunch of old schoolfriends in February. I'm planning on making a sort of yearbook/decadebook for a keepsake. What should I put in it?

We're calling it the Revenge of the Nerds Reunion, because the previous "official" reunions were arranged by the cool clique, and a lot of our nerdier friends weren't invited. We weren't Star-Trek-is-my-life nerds, but we weren't OMG-don't-you-shave-your-legs-every-day? cool either.

We were very close throughout high school (translated from Australian: grades 7 - 12, aged from about 11/12 years old to 17/18 years old, from 1980 to 1985).

There's a gay or two, some tramps-turned-soccer-mums, a millionaire or two, a Qantas pilot, admin workers, some artists, a medical professional... a very eclectic group of people who can't wait to meet up again because we had so much fun together through our teenage years.

I want to do a booklet-type thing as a souvenir. I'm going to include class photos from the 6 years of high school, our debutante ball photos, and I'm rewriting the lyrics of Like A Virgin (It's A Reunion) and that 1985 song to put in there as well. I'm going to leave a blank page at the end for people to share email addresses and phone numbers. I'm thinking about big news headlines from the early to mid 80's (Australia Wins The America's Cup!). Maybe lists of hit music and movies?

I want to make this so spectacular that every attendee will treasure it. Not going to be professionally printed, just something I can scan/print at home.

Suggestions of what I could include to make it truly special, please?
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Take pictures at the event and *then* finalize the book (with the teen pics) and mail out.
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Ask each person to contribute a page - Have a common header at the top - name, current address, email, HS photo then have a space them to add a current photo and to write (or draw) about the important things that have happened to them since graduation and what they are doing now. Scan the page the pages and add them to the book.

Send the request ahead of time and if people don't turn them back in before the event then have extra pages there for them to complete on site.
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I think having a creative part (done by each individual) is good but also good knowing human nature to compile the old and new pics with option to add. Bonus is that you're the hero for getting out such a cool book.
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Best answer: I did a similar memory booklet for my 30 year class reunion. The first few pages were collective memories - things that actually happened in our school. I then did a timeline of historical and social events from those years (Watergate, Patty Hearst, Pet Rocks, etc). I also threw in some fun facts from that time (gas in Dec 75 averaged 59 cents per gallon; in Apr 75 a new Ford Granada cost $3,756 and got 18 mpg). Throughout the booklet I included images of album cover art, movie posters, and popular icons from our HS years. The color ink meant for a more expensive booklet (I also printed them from home rather than taking them to a printer) but the result was a real keepsake.

In addition to the booklet, I burned CDs that contained songs from our high school years. They weren't just the top Billboard hits - I polled classmates and selected songs that were popular in our school. I don't know how legal that was (yikes, I hope the FCC doesn't descend on me) but we weren't selling them!
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