Dutch goat cheese origins
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How are goats raised in Holland? Feed lot? Free range?

We were just wondering: does anyone have any anecdotal information or know of any good resources on how the goats are raised for the making of cheese from Holland?

Are they just raised in feed lots? Or maybe beautiful clean pastures? Or a mixed bag?

We just are wondering about the pesticide/chemical content in the cheese sold at a place like Trader Joes.

Searching the web yields nothing specific, maybe you've been there and know something about this super specific subject?

Thank you!
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Dutch Dairy Farming and Dairy Products

"GMP Feed
Dutch feed producers and suppliers follow the code for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP Feed) and need to comply with requirements to ensure that their products are safe. GMP Feed 9001 criteria and the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points The latter is a procedure in which the production process is described detail, critical points are revealed and management measures laid down. GMP Feed producers can identify and control all factors influence the safety of people, animals and the environment. inspections are carried out under government supervision."

SKAL: Rules for Organic Production in the Netherlands

Key Figures for Dairy Goats

Lots of pretty Dutch goats.

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Cheese is one of the most regulated things to import. It's not how the goats were raised, but how their milk was processed that should give you pause. Is it raw milk cheese?
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I know little about cheese, but I am Dutch. (If that's not a contradiction in terms.) It's a bit of a long shot, but you could try contacting:

-NTR, a public TV broadcaster who make an investigative programme called Keuringsdienst van Waarde (Values Administration Authority, a pun on the Dutch for "Food Administration Authority") which attempts to reveal the true origins of our food;
-The Party for the Animals, a political party (no, really) that focuses on animal welfare;
-The Voedingscentrum (Centre for Nutrition), a government-funded information centre about food.

If they don't have the answers you're looking for they might be able to refer you to people who do. Of course, I imagine none of these entities will be under any obligation to help you however, as officially they exist to serve the Dutch public.

But assuming any of them will reply, don't be scared by the language barrier. They will be used to corresponding in English.
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Thank you all for your answers. I really appreciate your time and effort!
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