The Reading Store?
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I once saw a catalog for a store/mail-order company that sells items for people who read: clip-lights, lap boards, book holders, pedestals, etc.. but I can't find it. Any ideas?
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Maybe Levenger ("tools for serious readers")?
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I third Levenger - as often advertised in The New Yorker!
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Dunno if any of these are what you were looking for, but I'm always up for a google challenge

were the best I found specifically for this. searching "Book Accessories" or "Reading Accessories" nets lots of results in other less specific sales venues.
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in other news, I'm slow.
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be very careful of subscribing to levenger's catalog. All I'm sayin' is I ordered something from them and got junk mail from every remotely related company in the country for years. It was like ridding myself of the junkmail plague when after literally dozens of requests I finally succeeded in getting removed from the last list.

Ugh. Neat stuff though!
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I have ordered a number of products from Levenger (including the book bungee and the editor's desk) and I'm quite a fan
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alex advertise in the lrb.
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Thanks all.
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