Can I fix this error?
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I'm seeing this error when I try to navigate to a website I use often for scheduling: "Application error (Rails)" - What does it mean and can I fix it?

Is it something on my end, or is the website down? I can't even navigate to the main page of the site, so I'm not sure how to even tell the site I'm having this issue. I need to have access to this app for some work I'm doing. Help!
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The website uses Ruby on Rails. It's an error on the backend. If you only get it under certain circumstances you might want to report the bug to them.
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To get good contact information for most websites, you can do a whois lookup.
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Sorry that I'm dense about what you mean. It's been happening every time I navigate there for the last two days. I think "error on the backend" means an issue with them, not me? I also heard that another person had the same error from two different computers.
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Yes, the "back end" means, broadly "the computer which is supposed to create the page and send it to your computer". The problem is with them.

All web page interaction basically goes like this:

Your computer: can I see this page please?
Their computer (after a brief pause): here you go.

The magic happens in that brief pause, and in this case, it's failing. There's nothing you can do except let them know.
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expanding 'let them know':

1. See if there is some 'contact us' / 'report a bug' / 'in case of emergency, break glass' info. if yes... go to step 2!

2. Unless they ask for something else, tell them
a. the exact url (the thingy in the bar, like: ""),
b. paste in the error text,
c. what you were trying to do
d. your browser info (Safari on IPad, Firefox 3 on Windows XP, etc.)

3. Hope they fix it!
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Thank you! It seems to be fixed, though there was no response to my email letting them know.
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