What a sell out.
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Best tie ever...hopefully

I hate ties. I actually cite the Islamic Republic of Iran along with the CDC when asked why I don't wear ties. Today I MUST wear a tie. It WILL be a big deal and everyone has asked all week if I will be wearing a tie ("Hell no...I ain't no sell out"). So when I show up wearing a tie, tons of pictures will be taken, questions will be asked, and fingers will be pointing.

So I want to look especially prepared; I want to make a very nice/unusual/intricate knot with the tie. I'm wearing a modern light grey pinstripe suit, rose shirt, and a blue/silver striped tie.

I see TONS of resources on how to tie a knot on the internets...I just don't know which would work out best here...and which would be kinda awesome looking.

I have about 6-7 hours till I have to be there...so any help till then would be appreciated.

Thanks mefites.

ps. If you have any questions, I will be checking in periodically to field them.
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This fellow has a series of quite good videos on how to tie a dozen different tie knots.

Consider perhaps the Cavendish or Plattsburgh knots, for obscurity's sake.
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Tie clips (well, in the singular) might help you stand out.
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someone else can mention whether or not this is an issue, but if you are learning how to do the tie for the first time, perhaps consider practicing on another so that "THE TIE" is not super wrinkly.
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If you're a sci-fi fan (or the crowd is), you can use the Merovingian knot from The Matrix Reloaded.
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Are you in Chicago? Because if you are, I will come by and show you how to tie a knot I am pretty sure I invented. I call it an "Elliott knot" and always get tons of great responses from it - a couple of times guys have asked me how to do it at restaurants or dinners, then we go to the restroom mirrors and it becomes this production.

Pic is in my profile. I wanted a knot that had some depth, height, and drama/visual interest but wasn't so wide.

I haven't shown anyone how to do it, so please be in Chicago!

Be careful with the bigger or more complicated knots if you aren't used to tying ties - they get uneven and sloppy really fast. They also take up more length, so you have to account for that when you start (or wear a vest to conceal the shortened end!). Really watch each step as you tie it so it comes out cleaner.
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Response by poster: I am from Auckland...


Lets talk on memail

Excellent idea about the tie clip. I'm a former Marine, and I haven't used that tie clip since...
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I've been a fan of the Pratt/Shelby knot ever since I learned it: balanced like a full Windsor, small and tight like half Windsor.
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When you resolve this, please do show us pictures of your awesome kitty tie.
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