Ticket Stub Posterizing
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I want to make a poster of all of my old ticket stubs. Anyone ever done this before? Anyone have any tips? Google doesn't seem to help, although I'd have a lot of trouble believing that I'm the first person looking to do this.

I'm mostly thinking about doing that board mounting thing, but I have no idea what to do with all the individual stubs. I don't think that process will accomodate them. Should I scan and print them? Laminate them first then mount them? Glue them to a poster? I'm very unartistic and can't think of anything, although I have a feeling there's an easy and attrative way to do this. Thanks!
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Oh, I should note that I have seen the displays online that people have made completely themselves from scratch - I have no hope of doing anything like that. I'd ruin everything. Ideally, I'd do as little of the work as possible, and just had it over to someone to nicely mount for me in simple chronological order.
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You could sandwich them between two sheets of plexiglass. You could then display either side, or both sides without damaging the tickets. You could change, add or subtract. A touch of rubber cement would hold them, and be easy to remove with a rubber cement eraser.
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IKEA, at least in the UK do something which may work for you. It's basically a piece of glass and a back board which clip together, and can then be hung on the wall. So you'd basically lay the board out, place the tickets on that in the way you wanted, then carefully place the glass on top and clip them. The great thing with this is it's completely non-destructive, so you can add/take out tickets and they won't get ruined.
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foam core/gatorboard and spray mount adhesive would be simple 'n' easy

alternative approach would be to scan, photoshop, and outsource the print job
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If you could get some good scans of all of them you could do a lifeposter.

Very easy to do with the instructions there.
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I'm really glad you asked this. I've been working on a scrapbook of my ticket stubs. That was a real nightmare, as "scrapbooking" has become a verb, an obsession. Just trying to find normal scrapbooks without silly stickers was a nightmare. I think I like your idea better. Good luck.
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It doesn't address your question directly, but you might be interested in some of the suggestions from this thread.
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My uncle just glued them to the top of an old table, then cut some plexiglass to fit over it. Seems like gluing them to some foamboard would be the easiest way.
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For what it's worth, I tried the clippy things suggested in that earlier thread googly linked to and it looked like shite - mainly because you really have to get everything perfectly aligned to make it look good, and I'm just not anal enough. So just this week, I taped all my stuff to a huge and very cheap sheet of black foamcore and it looks terrific on the wall.
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If you're planning to keep this piece, you ought to consider using archival board and acid-free adhesive--otherwise, the acids in the board and adhesive will eat into the ticket stubs after a few years. It'll cost more, but it's worth it if this is a piece you plan to keep. You'll also want to hang it in a place that doesn't get much sunlight.

(Self-link) I save my ticket stubs in my journal/sketchbook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
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You could also stick 'em on a web site.
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Oh, and small tip I learned though trial and error and having to redo it: if you do stick your stubs to foamcore, leave a band around all four sides empty to kind of frame it. Looks way better that way.
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The Container Store has a pleated display frame that should work.
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Thanks very much for all the ideas. I love the lifeposter thing, and will probably try that first as a dry run before I mess around with anything permanent. If that works out, my next step will be to look for an appropriate coffee table to encase them it, that photo looks great.

Hold the phone - my new first step is the pleated display frame - it looks perfect! Thanks again all.
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