CBOT Jacket Colors?
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Can you decode the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) jacket colors that are worn on the floor by traders?

I'm looking for a breakdown that maps color to firm. I realize the indepdents are a bit more freeform. Any help is useful, my Google-fu is broken on this.
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Could the guys who make them help?
posted by milkrate at 10:42 PM on April 12, 2005

Here's the jacket breakdown for the Merc.

I'll stop by the office later today and see if I can find some printed material.
posted by trharlan at 6:11 AM on April 13, 2005

C00l! I love niche codes like this. Here's a bit about the NYSE.
posted by Mo Nickels at 9:13 AM on April 13, 2005

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