Macbook Pro resolution question
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My macbook pro screen's resolution has somehow become out of whack.

The menu bar at the top is super huge, safari is crazy big, and everything seems to run off the screen. I've already turned the zoom off feature in universal access, which wasn't the problem to begin with. After many restarts and shut downs, the problem just won't go away. Can anyone help? Here's a couple of links to what I'm talking about:
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Apologies if this is too obvious, but:

The main resolution setting is in System Preferences, in the Display pane. Is it set to 800 x 600? Try choosing the bottom (largest) of the possible resolutions, scrolling down if you need to.
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Resolution is the most obvious answer, as xil said. If that turns out NOT to be it, you may have turned on "zooming" which is designed for people with impaired vision. This can be turned off under the "Universal Access" option in System Preferences or by hitting Alt-Apple-8 on the keyboard. Give that a try.
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Response by poster: Yes, thank you both! Finally sorted it out!
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