"Full Episodes"....where do I find them?
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I want to discover more "full episodes", need suggestions!

I was hoping you'd suggest your favorite full episodes websites. I like all sorts of different types of shows ....so suggest away. One of my favorite (guilty pleasure) full episode websites is 48 Hours Mystery. I've seen nearly every episode there...so I need to find something new....what should I know about?
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Best answer: Hulu and surfthechannel are the (legal and not-so-legal, respectively) go-tos.
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Netflix! Not just full episodes, but full seasons of tons of shows available for instant streaming. $7.99/month for unlimited streaming only, $9.99/month for 1 DVD at a time+unlimited streaming. And you've got movies. And it's legal. Need I say more? Nope. That's all. Pretty spiffy.
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hulu, surfthechannel, sidereel
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PBS has NOVA, Masterpiece, Antiques Roadshow, and Austin City Limits, among many others.
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Not sure if ABC iView will be available where you live, but if not you could probably fool it with an Australian proxy.
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YouTube has quite a lot in its Shows section. All these are legal.
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every episode of south park is available at south park studios.
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Best answer: Seconding sidereel and adding blinkx, which works the same as sidereel. However, these sites link to (as roast beef alluded) sites that have full episodes, but a) are not necessarily authorized to, and b) are loaded with spam and adware and crap. They can take a long time to buffer, too. That said, I have strong antivirus programs so I generally use these sites with impunity anyway.
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Sorry, I hate it when people don't link, and that's what I just did.

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PBS also has 3 episodes of the new BBC Sherlock Holmes. Good show. Subscribing to shows on Hulu is a good way of keeping track of what shows you've found that you like. Also, if you can, hook up your computer to your tv.
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Fancast is good too. (If you're a Comcast customer you have access to more shows, but there's still plenty to watch if you aren't.)
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