I need a database of exercise images that are NOT copyright protected.
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I need a database of exercise images that are NOT copyright protected because I'd like to create my own exercise hand-outs and can't draw.

So, I'd like to be able to create my own exercise handouts. With pictures. And I can't draw. Even my stick figures have issues. So far I've tried:

1) Google Images Advanced Search - searching for a specific exercise using the "reuse image" option
2) The websites listed under Medical Image Databases @ www.dartmouth.edu/~biomed/new.htmld/lgr_medimages.shtml

All I need is a photo or line drawing of the exercise (line drawing preferred.) I know there are commercial exercise-creation software programs out there (I've used them) but I'd like to be able to create my own hand-outs.

Any ideas?
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Have a friend take pictures of you?
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Response by poster: Thanks, ian1977 but I'm thinking of something OTHER than that! Though I do know a PT who did that... Well, he used his staff as models!
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Have you checked creative commons? Depending on what you're doing with them, my guess is you'll be safe. Just advanced search flickr with creative commons checked and search by the exercise and position.
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I'd look at government resources.

For example, the canadian 5bx system or dig around fitness.gov
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This may be a strange idea, but how about making your own with Poser? That's what it was originally for -- "posing" (hence the name).

The renderer has a number of modes, so the result doesn't have to be raytraced and photo-realistic. (For instance, it does do outline drawings.)

It would have the advantage of permitting you to create any pose you need, and of course the images you created would be your property and could be used as you desired.
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Try searching Wikimedia Commons. They have a massive database of public domain/creative commons images.
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http://sxc.hu/ (check the individual licenses, but most are ok to use as you describe)
also http://www.morguefile.com/
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U.S. Department of Defense media archive:


Most of the stuff should be public domain as material created by the federal government. I tried searches like "jogging" and "lifting weights" and got a bunch of results for each.
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I would imagine that if your handouts are for private use and not for commercial gain you should have no problem reproducing anything you find on the internets.
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Seconding the friend taking pictures. You'll have exactly the images you want, the way you want and you won't spend who knows how long hunting the internet for them. Plus, having your own image on the handouts helps people relate.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! One of the above answers (creative commons?) led me to Everkinetic - a site containing 277 line drawings of exercises. So, while it didn't contain every single exact picky exercise I wanted it's big help. http://everkinetic.com
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