What are these nuts?
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What kind of nuts are these?

A friend is living in china and one of his students gave him these nuts in this package. They taste sort of like nutmeg I think, does anyone know what they are?
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Best answer: The package says:
Cathay Hickory. Cream flavour.
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Response by poster: Definitely not a macadamia, the edible part inside is shaped more like a very small walnut. It is very difficult to get the little pieces out of the shell.
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Going on what sallysings said, are they hickory nuts?
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Is it possible that these are hickory nuts? Apparently, cathay is a species of hickory.
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Betel nut?
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or what jenny76 already said
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Definitely look like hickory nuts. We had hickory trees when I was a child (also walnut trees) and the hickory nuts were harder to crack, had the same kind of convoluted meats although smaller and not as tasty as walnuts.
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