Help me identify this song from the Imus Show
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Help me identify a new country song I heard about a month ago on the Don Imus show.

Timeframe: About a month ago, as stated above. He said, I think that it was off a new album.

It's a post-breakup song of sorts, the lyrics I roughly remember are something like "when I hang up the phone after talking to you again, I feel worse".

It was a male singer.

Sorry for the sparse clues. It's not As Soon as I Hang Up the Phone from the 70's.
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Best answer: or maybe, What do you want - Jerrod Niemann
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Response by poster: I like that one, but it's not it. The one I heard was more melancholy and less F.U.
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Response by poster: That comment was in reference to the Bentley song. Off to listen to the Niemann now.
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Response by poster: Bingo! Thanks.
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