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Wanted some input on a career in email marketing.

Just started a career in email marketing (double opt in) and I'm really enjoying it.

I love working with statistics (opens, clicks, sales) and also the creative side as well (from copy writing to calls of action). I'm thinking of making a career out of this and wanted to get some input from the pros in the field.

To be more specific, I guess I'd like to know more about the technical aspect of email marketing and how it relates to ESP/ISP. Also resources on the creative side too would be appreciated.

Lastly, I’m also considering doing a masters but I’m not sure in what yet. Haven’t really done any research on it yet. I'm leaning towards an MBA. It would be great if there was some marketing/statistic program I could do. Any suggestion on masters that will let me excel in this field would be great.

Any resources would be appreciated.

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I used to work at a fairly well-known email marketing/marketing automation company.

I'm not sure exactly what the question is here - are you looking for resources to learn these things? I'm not sure how "technical" you want to get - do you mean SMTP and DNS and P3P and stuff like that? If you're talking about the engineering aspects of it all, it's mostly just stats.

As for education, I have seen very little formal materials on the field unfortunately. My suggestion would be to do some reading in stats and how to construct statistically meaningful split or multivariate tests. That's the hardest thing to do IMO.
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There is no need to do a Masters degree in email marketing. You will learn everything you need to learn on the job.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the suggestions. As for the technical side of things, I guess I would like to know more about servers and how they are used in email marketing, how mail is delivered and about IP reputation and so on.

Also, maybe some good resources on stats would be helpful as well. I would at least like to have a basic understanding of how it applies.

Lastly, solid resources on subject lines, content and calls to action would really be of help. Any blogs or books suggestions?

As for the masters, I should clarify that I could see myself pursuing a career in online marketing or even marketing in general and was wondering what the options were. Maybe a Masters in Marketing, MBA? Something not to job specific would be ideal. Just bouncing some ideas around. Not committing to any Master programs just yet.

Thanks for the replies.
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The best quality and most up-to-date resources on email marketing which I have ever found are at

Some of their guides and reports are free, others you have to pay for.
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You mean something like this? Or this? Or this?
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Best answer: As far as resources, I'd definitely recommend MarketingSherpa mentioned above. I'd also check out emarketer, marketingprofs, and marketingcharts too. Also, finding people in email marketing on twitter and interacting with them and learning from them is super key. Not sure on the exact people to follow, but I'm sure they're easily findable.

I'd try to dissuade you from specializing too much in 'email marketing' as I'd say thats definitely on its way out for many of the clients that I work with - replaced with various forms of social media marketing.

However, it sounds like you might enjoy a career in digital analytics, the field I currently work in. We (the digital analytics people at the media agency I work at) analyze and understand any form of digital communication, whether email, display, search, social media, streaming video, etc...

Check out Avinash Kaushik's blog. He's definitely the most visible digital analytics personality, he works for Google as their 'analytics evangelist', has his own analytics consultancy, and is generally high profile. He also writes very clearly.

Feel free to message me if you have on other specific questions.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help everyone. Does anyone else have any other recommendation?
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