Bring the Karaoke Box home!
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I've caught karaoke fever. What are my best options for a karaoke player setup at home? I'm looking for more of a karaoke box setup where participants are able to enter a number on a remote to add a song to the queue or to use a laptop to remotely add songs, rather than a bar-style KJ setup that needs maintenance. Would be interested in either software or hardware solutions <$200. I can figure out the audio, but the software options are vexing!
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The easiest and cheaper way to do it would be by using something like Ultrastar Deluxe and one(or all) of the many song packs available in the internet.
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The two pros that I know that that have ripped all their disks use the CDG plugin for winamp to play the songs. They use setups with 2 video outputs, one to display the winamp UI and one to display the lyrics. This has the benefit that the books they print up do not need to contain ID numbers for the songs and they can search for songs. They use an mixer to handle the audio.
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