Where's the Cthulhu Plush doll of seasonal renewal?
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I'm looking for a "Spring Time" themed Cthulhu Plush doll. I want a plush Cthulhu for every season. I have a Summer themed one, a Winter themed one, and an Autumn themed one, but I'm lacking a Spring themed one.

I swear I saw a "Farmer Cthulhu" plush doll years ago, which I felt would be a good Spring one (as a gardener, breaking out after the winter), but haven't been able to find one since. Googling has gotten me nowhere. What ideas or sources for a Spring themed Cthulhu doll do you have?

This is a hole in my life that needs* to be filled.

*For certain, very low, values of need.
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I understand your need.

It sounds like this was a Limited Edition plush from Toy Vault, much like their Blue Valentine, Dracula, and Valentino, and Summer Fun (possibly maybe you were thinking of this when you remember a farmer? that hat.) Cthulhus.

I can't find your farmer for the life of me. The most spring-like I could do is Graduation Cthulhu.

At worst you could email Toy Vault, confirm that they had a farmer plush, and then keep an eye out on ebay for it.
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Couldn't you get a non-themed Cthulu, and add a garland of flowers and/or or a basket of fruit, and a straw hat, or something? I bet all of those are available from toy or craft shops.
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You could probably get someone to make you one on Etsy's Alchemy shop.
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In the same vein as thinkingwoman, Etsy already has some more brightly colored Cthulhus.
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Best answer: Though alas not a plush, here is Ursula Vernon's Garden Cthulhu for you to admire.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advise. I have the Summer Fun one as my summer Cthulhu; so I'm certain it's not the same.

I'm afraid that I'll go the route suggested by lollusc, which I had wanted to avoid. I really want to, after all, encourage the marketplace to produce a wide selection of plush Cthulhus!
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