Help me start my new job on the right foot.
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I’ll be starting a new job in January. What advice do you have for me?

I’ve had a lot of jobs, and I’ve been reasonably successful at being the new person. I know to work on building bridges with coworkers as soon as I meet them, to ask for clarification when I need it, to be agreeable without overextending myself, and to try to keep my expectations as realistic as possible. Hive mind, what other advice/ideas can you give me? What has worked well for you when you’ve started a new job? What have you seen other newbies do that has impressed you? What would you recommend that I absolutely avoid?

Additional information: In the new job, I’ll be working from home most of the time. I’ll be visiting the office every few weeks and going on business trips every few months. I’ll be (at least) in the top half of the reporting structure in my department.
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Avoid gossip. If someone emails you or talks to you in a gossipy way about another co-worker, reply "that's really none of my business" and end the dialogue there.

If there's someone you deal with regularly in the office, or someone who's particularly helpful on a one-off basis, when you go into the office, make a point of searching out that person and thanking them for their help in person, even if you've already done so by email.
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Don't go in trying to change things right at first. Wait, watch, and listen.
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Working from home most of the time? Lucky you! That's ideal. But when you're in the office...
Do not share details of your personal life, in the mistaken belief that you're being collegial. Keep a sturdy wall up between your work self and your real self.
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Always, always, always make time to chat and become friends with the office admistrator/manager/receptionist/secretary, whoever fills the role in the front desk. If you ever need a favor done, they will be the ones to do it.
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Just to add to Think_Long's advice: that office person that many employees think is "just" an office person is the one in the office who REALLY knows what's going on, how to get things done, and what the dangers are. Managers always think they know these things, and they usually don't have a clue. Be nice to that office person, listen to him or her, and take the advice you get!
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