Looking For a Specific Alternative History Site
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I am looking for a specific website about alternative history. Users of the site could submit counterfactuals and begin a speculative timeline of events based upon this divergence. Other users could contribute to this timeline as well. If the moderators felt that someone's contribution didn't fit the tone of the timeline, they would create a new divergence, leading to a timeline tree.

For example, a timeline might be based on the premise that John Kennedy was not assassinated. The original poster might speculate on Kennedy's course for civil rights. If a new poster, however, began a storyline in which Kennedy's survival lead to war between the United States and the Soviet Union, this would be branched off into it's own timeline.

It has been at least 5 years since I have seen this site; I have no idea if it's still active. In my searches, I have found sites that compile stories of established fiction writers or historians Niall Ferguson. The site I'm trying to find had, if I recall correctly, a more wiki approach where members signed on and submitted content.

Naturally, I don't remember the site's name. I seem to recall a blue background, but this could be mistaken. Thanks!
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Is this it?
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Not a web-site but this sounds a lot like that Chrononauts card game.
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I'm new to MetaFilter; this is my first post. If this is any indication of what I've been missing then I am delighted. Recently retired, I am learning how to finally spend the time I have always desired in pursuit of the topics I have loved for a lifetime.

Thanks for the tips on AltHist sites. This is one of my favorite subjects in both the historical and SciFi fields. Been a big fan of Harry Turtledove, et al. for years; Newt Gingrich, not so much.
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