Rival Alkaline Fenix Trios 182
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Best of one/two hit wonder c.2000 emo fodder filter.

Stuff like this, this and this. I don't want band or album recommendations, just the best songs of similar style, tempo and era. More little known the better.
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A little down tempo from your examples, but a personal favorite: Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
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I love this question!!!

Knapsack- Catherine (I think the song is actually titled Katherine the Great, if memory serves)

Elliott-Drive On To Me

Further Seems Forever- Snowbirds and Townies

Brandtson- Boys Lie

Sarge- Stall (really, everything Sarge did is awesome and mostly in this vein)

One Candle Power- Ceci N'est Pas Une Fille (sorry, this is the best link I can find, you'll have to select the song on the right)
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A little late, but try last.fm

Looked up Alkaline Trio's Stupid Kid, got this list of similar songs.

The Lawrence Arms 'Cut It Up' and Lagwagon 'Falling Apart' are some examples. (I forgot half of these bands existed, man, nostalgia.)
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If only the DVD drive on this machine was working, I'd have a million pop-punk emo songs, but as it is I can't really remember much that wasn't more on the softer Sunny Day Real Estate side of things. But here goes, in descending order of relatedness (starting off with some actual pop punk, not emo): I just put Stupid Kid into Pandora and it's doing a much better job, even though it's really only giving me a bunch of NFG.
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Winepress. Anything you can find of theirs.

Propaghandi - OKA Everywhere.

Jawbreaker - Kiss The Bottle

I'll stop there, but this is the kind of stuff I STILL listen to.
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