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What's the best way to financially support of evolution education in Kansas?

I have a friend from Kansas that is not a fan of the Kansas State Board of Education's decision to attempt to hamper the teaching of evolution in biology. I would like to make a donation on her behalf of around $100-$200 in such a way that it would help kids in Kansas learn and understand evolution.

I'd like it to be as direct a donation as possibly along the lines of Donors Choose, but I'll consider less direct non-profit organizations or national efforts, if such direct support is unavailable.
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The biggest bang for your buck will be a donation to the Kansas Democratic Party.
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Best answer: That decision was overturned in 2007, by the way.
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Response by poster: Whoa, I guess I should have read the whole article! Thanks!
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Don't worry, it'll happen again. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and Kansas voters are lazy. So every so often a holy roller finds themselves a seat on the board and decides it's time to get themselves unelected teach the controversy.

It's also important to recognize that KSEB sets the minimum standards; they don't "hamper the teaching of evolution in biology", the proposals are always written to allow school districts and teachers to introduce Creationism alongside evolution. I don't think it would happen often in the urban center schools, but in rural districts Church sometimes runs the town. In addition to local district oversight, there's also the Kansas Board of Regents to consider. They're appointed by the Governor, and while they don't directly control districts, they can set admission standards such as "biology science that discusses micro and macro evolution" or similar.

If you're concerned about keeping evolution in the books, I'd suggest looking for an organization that interviews Board of Education candidates and publishes it on the internet. I live in Kansas, and work for a Board of Regents school, and can't tell you who's on the BoE or what their positions are. And that's really the problem: voter apathy and uninformed votes.
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I cannot praise the National Center for Science Education highly enough; they're an excellent clearinghouse for information about challenges to science education across the US, and have organized some very effective campaigns against creationism and ID. Toss them a check if the spirit moves you, and they will use it well.
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