go stow my lego
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I have a relatively small amount of lego that I keep in a (12 X 14 X 8") bin which I'd like to store in something a little more organizeable for convenient building.

a tackle box? tupperware? something from ikea with umlauts? I like the idea of a sealable container with little adjustable spacers as seen in some hardware/hobby boxes, but haven't seen anything in particular which grabs me yet. is there a go-to brand/device for this sort of thing?
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The container store has plastic bins with spacers....

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Have you seen Box4Blox?
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Plano makes tackle boxes with removable bins that have removable dividers. excellent for legos
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Whatever you get, you want something that seals well so it doesn't spill when it gets knocked over. And it will get knocked over.
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Also, don't over estimate getting a small rubbermaib tub and using ziploc bags. Expandable and flexible.
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I wrote a blog post on 16 ways to store your Legos, which might give you some good ideas.
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Response by poster: pretty great suggestions so far. thanks, people.
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There is the Roughneck (and it is leak proof;)

these are great and have little nooks though the colors are stock. (alas, no cadnium yellow)
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Yeah, but this is coolest sorter/storage soluntion EVER.
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