What kind of gun did Hawk have?
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In the Spenser: For Hire TV series, what kind of gun did Hawk use? I'm referring to the big silver revolver that he would pull out of his coat. What kind of gun is that?

And Spenser favored a .38, right?
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Google turned this up: Clarification on the guns:
Hawk's guns are more. . . diverse. His 44 magnum, at least in the early books, would most likely be a Smith & Wesson. Colt didn't introduce a 44 Magnum until the early 90s if I recall correctly; other makers were available but were either a bit less than reliable (such as the Dan Wesson) or very bulky (Ruger Redhawk and Super Redhawk) or were so unusual as to merit more description by Parker if that was what he had in mind (the examples that come to mind here are the various single-action revolvers--which would require manually cocking the revolver for each
shot-- and the Automag--large, bulky, ridiculously expensive and a bit hard to obtain). Other than the S&W and the Automag, they lacked style and class. . .
Hawk's Colt .357 Magnum would probably be a Python (the Anaconca is a large-frame gun chambered for cartridges such as the 44 Magnum). It could also be something like the Trooper, Lawman, New Service, or Three-Fifty-Seven. Given Hawk's propensity for the finer things in life, I'd bet on the Python.
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This image shows Spencer with a Beretta 92 Centurion 9mm Para and what looks to be a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Mag.

ISTR Hawk using an 8" Colt Python .357 in many episodes but haven't had a great deal of luck finding any pics. The Python has an excellent reputation and has distinct ribbing along the top of the barrel. Looking at the picture linked above should help ID.
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My apologies - I have just seen an un-edited version of that image - Spenser has a Beretta 92S (the frame is shortened in the edit hence my misidentification) and Hawk definitely has the S & W Model 29 with a 6" barrel.

Still recall him using a Python in the show...
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