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Give me your best pressure cooker recipes or links to websites you like to use for pressure cooker dinners! No desserts though please.
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This Lorna Sass recipe for Thai Chickpeas is one of my favorites. You didn't ask for books, but her pressure cooker books are great!
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I use mine for quick stock. Just throw in you chicken carcass, onions, etc. Fill with water but to less than 2/3 full, process for 30-40 minutes.
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Here are two more Lorna recipes I really like:

Spanish Rice - I add a can of black beans (drained & rinsed) and some edamame and usually some baby carrots. I'm a veggie sneaker-inner though.

Biryani - similar method to the Spanish rice and I add almost the same stuff, but this time it's chickpeas, edamame (I would try peas too but my husband hates hates hates peas!), raisins, and carrots again.
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A couple of self-links: two of my favorites are plain old vegetarian split pea soup and asparagus risotto. I agree with hansbrough -- the Lorna Sass books are worth a read.
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I just had to say that I once had the Lorna Sass pressure cooker book, and while it is a great resource for figuring out cooking times for various things in a pressure cooker, the recipes are downright terrible. Bland bland bland. The woman does not believe in salt or fat.
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You should take a look at Pressure Perfect! Plenty of not-bland there.
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New England Boiled Dinner (but 4x faster, in a pressure cooker)

Feeds 4 people

1 2-2 1/2 pound corned beef brisket
1 small sweet onion
2 bay leaves
1/2 tsp. cracked black pepper
1 tsp dried basil leaves
1 tsp dried marjoram leaves
4 medium russet potatoes
1 medium head green cabbage

In an 8 quart pressure cooker, put bottom standoff plate, corned beef (sprinkled with spice packet, if so packed), and 4 cups water. Seal pressure cooker lid/gasket, and bring to cooking temperature over medium/high heat (adjusting heat as needed for steam equilibrium at vent), for 25 minutes after steam equilibrium is established at vent. Remove from heat, and quickly submerge pressure cooker in cold water bath, running cold water over lid, until safety mechanism disengages.

Open pressure cooker lid, and add potatoes, cut up cabbage, and spices. Add 1 cup water, if remaining liquid in vessel appears less than 3 cups. Re-seal pressure cooker lid and gasket, and return to medium/high heat for 10 minutes, after steam equilibrium is again established at vent. Remove pressure cooker from heat, to fresh cold water bath, until lid safety disengages.

Serve corned beef sliced thin, with creamy horseradish sauce, potatoes and cabbage with salt and butter, and plenty of soda biscuits.
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Uh, add the diced onion in the second major step, with the potatoes and cut up cabbage, too. It flavors the cabbage, mainly, and mixes with the cabbage well, when served. Sorry for the ingredient/process omission.
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A pressure cooker can be a time-saver for Indian cooking; read on if you like Indian food! I use it regularly for:

Curried chickpeas (I don't like canned garbanzo and prefer soaking dried chickpeas overnight, then pressure-cooking them)
Dal (with mung beans or yellow lentils, soaked for a couple of hours)
Vegetable Pulao (I can't seem to find a good recipe online, but can write mine out later if you're interested)
Although I'm a vegetarian, I also use it to cook various chicken curries (e.g. Kerala chicken stew, spicy chicken curry).

Also: steel-cut oats in five minutes.
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Pressure Perfect (which cyndigo mentioned) and Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure are the two I have and use. Just wanted to be specific in case LS's other books are duds. I'm not a super by-the-book cook, though. I always have to add a good amount of salt to her recipes (and pretty much all recipes... I have a salt tooth), for example.
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The NE Boiled dinner sounds yummy- but my pressure cooker is electric so no submerging! I will check out all these recipes. I do love Indian food! I also really enjoy meat, so more meat recipes would be cool. I will definitely check out the veggie recipes too!
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Chicken Biryani

Curried Beef (beef should be only partially cooked before the final step, so cook in the pressure cooker for only half the usual cooking time for meat.)
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