Suburban Dining suggestions in Southeastern PA
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Suburban dining filter, looking for good restaurants to enjoy a nice night out but not super-expensive, Philadelphia suburbs like Kennett Square, Paoli, or anywhere midway between Moorestown, NJ and Chadds Ford PA. Other requirements and details within.

My wife and I are looking to select a new place for our annual dinner out with my cousin and her husband, who live in Chadds Ford, PA. Last year's wasn't bad, but their suggestion for this year is in Wilmington and the Web menu didn't appeal to us.

Neither couple wants to dine *in* Philadelphia, which takes out a huge chunk of restaurants (and previous Metafilter threads). And they don't really want to come all the way over to Moorestown, New Jersey, where we know a lot of good places (of course).

We don't mind driving most of the way to Chadds Ford, PA, but I'm thinking that MeFi folks can come up with other suggestions to this puzzle. As mentioned above, cost should neither be cheap nor expensive...moderate. Liquor service is required. Extreme ethnic would probably not be a good choice.

Thanks in advance!
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Um... Isn't Kennett Square farther from Moorestown than Chadds Ford is?
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Response by poster: @amro: Yes about 10 miles farther from us according to Google. I was just trying to give a general idea of the areas involved for the question summary. Assuming we both drive and meet somewhere, the geographical domain is somewhat loose, excepting the City of Philadelphia itself.
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Best answer: Sovana Bistro in Kennett is a great choice.
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Best answer: What about Limoncello in West Chester?
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Response by poster: Sovana Bistro does indeed look like a great place to eat, but the prices (multiplied by 4 of us) look a bit high. Perhaps lunch might make more sense. Limoncello looks good also, but the menu seems a little narrower. I'm thinking I will just propose all MeFi's suggestions to my cousin and her husband and see what they think.

Thanks for the ideas so far! I'll give it a bit more time before I flag this as answered to let others weight in.
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It may be a little bit of a hike, but Yalda Grill & Kebab in Horsham is amazingly, wonderfully, magically good... delicious, unique Afghani food and the friendliest owner/staff you'd ever hope to meet. Surprisingly affordable, too. Every time we leave, we are stuffed and suffused with a lovely warm glow of peace on earth, goodwill to mankind and scrumptious eggplant dishes.

Oooh! Slightly pricier, but also amazing: Blue Sage in Southampton (it's vegetarian, but that doesn't slow them down any when it comes to creating some really innovative, awesome food). If they're serving their pumpkin risotto, order two, because you will find yourself desperately longing for it again the next day.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for your input. In addition to your suggestions a relative also suggested Maggiano's and Cheesecake Factory, both in King of Prussia PA. We are offering these proposals to my cousin and her husband...we'll see what they decide.

Happy New Year!
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