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Hotel recommendations in Paris.

I'm planning a trip to Paris for the first weekend of February and am a bit overwhelmed by the enormous choice of hotels. Looking for somewhere around 70 euros a night (or a bit less), 4*, central Paris, have you stayed somewhere nice fitting these requirements, can you help?
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Well, it doesn't specialize in hotels, but my wife and I were in Paris this past summer and Airbnb was a great resource.
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Four star hotel in central Paris for under 70 Euros a night? You'll struggle. However, if you're looking to book something, or have surprised me in the past with some outstanding offers.
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At that price point, I'd priceline a four-star in central Paris and see what happens! You might get a nibble, if not it will help you adjust your budget.
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Given your requirements I'm surprised you've been presented with an overwhelming range of options. 4 Star hotel in central paris for less than 70 Euros? Your budget would afford you a Best Western 20km from the centre. I think you'd be better off looking at an apartment, they can be hired very reasonably in central Paris and offer far greater value than a hotel room. Start with these people, they offer a very high standard of accomodation and an exceptional level of service, at 1/2 star hotel prices (depending on duration/occupancy.)
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Seems like a low budget to me too. I'd compare trip advisor and kayak and see if any highly rated 4 star hotels were available on kayak. Just searching trip advisor though, Regina Hotel and Chateau Saint Just are highly rated. Regina Hotel seems more centrally located.

Good luck and have a blast!
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Earlier this year, I stayed at the Hotel Jardin de l'Odéon and at the Hôtel Le Chaplain Rive Gauche - two nice 3 star hotels with good location. They will cost at least 120 euros a night. For around 70 euros, your best bet might be of the Ibis hotels. A quick search on the Ibis hotels website shows higher prices than their advertised lowest rates for the weekend February 4-6. Example: The Ibis Place d'Italie.

In this thread, Mutant suggested staying just outside Paris proper, in Suresnes Longchamp. The local Novotel currently has rates at around 100 euros per night for the period of your visit, while the Ibis currently has rooms from 45 euros per night for this period.
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I paid 50 euro a night (2 people) for a nice clean room next to barbes-rochuard metro station (near Montmartre) It was a nice, but decidedly budget hotel; if you wanted a private bathroom, that was 65 euros/night.

Liked the owners (family hotel), it was clean, but all else very plain and no services (just a bed).
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We had great luck at the Hotel Saint Germain. 99 euros for a room with a shower. Very clean, friendly, great Latin Quarter location within walking distance of Notre Dame. More like 3 stars I think, though.
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I think we paid a bit less than your budget (about 50 GBP a night which is a presently a bit under 60 euros, to give you a sense, I think) when we stayed in Paris for a few nights this fall but we stayed at a really crappy hotel chosen for price and metro proximity. We knew that going in, and dealt with the funny smell and general shoddiness in our room for the privilege of having a central base for our short trip. I don't really regret that, because we had a bit more money to throw around on extravagant food and pastries.

We spent a lot of time on travel websites (expedia, last minute, etc.) trying to pick places, and my sense is that Paris hotel prices are very high and I don't think you are going to be able to meet all your requirements. I do hope you have a great trip though!
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Ibis hotels are cheap, free breakfast and centrally located. They aren't 4 star by any stretch, but are clean and modern.
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You should be able to find something in your price and quality range on IME, the Paris hotels that have rooms through Hotwire are very good.
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I stayed here a few years ago but it's more in the 130 euro range. Quite a nice little place and good location (near Montparnasse)
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Agreed. Was just in Paris late summer/early fall and paid $120US for a 3* in the 9th and that wa for a single, their tiniest room. I found nothing cheaper closer in which I would have wanted to stay at.
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Try Hotel Sevigne, in the 4th. Unsure what it's rated (3 stars?) but it was a decent, small room for 85 euros, a block away from St Paul metro station. The Marais district it's located in is a gorgeous neighbourhood and was a perfect place for our first-time visit to Paris.
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Stars indicate certain legally-mandated criteria regarding room sizes, facilities, plumbing, elevators, dining options, renovations, etc., but have nothing to do with a subjective measurement of quality. Is there something very specific that you require that compels you to 4-star hotels? I think that 4-stars are required to offer room service, have an a la carte restaurant and bar, a lobby of a certain size.

I've had terrific luck with 2- and 3- star hotels, especially those which consider themselves an "hôtel de charme."

Comparison of 2- and 3- star criteria.
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Yes, just weighing in to say you need to do more research on prices because you will not get anything like a four star in central Paris for 70 euros. Not even close. Major expectation adjustment required, I'm afraid.
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Response by poster: Definitely need to rethink the budget then! May have underestimated, 70 euros was the starting point after previously considering Edinburgh and Dublin where £60/night worked for 4*. Thanks for the recommendations.
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I stayed here once and it was nice. Of course that was 10 years ago. It is only 3 star and costs more than 70 euro but Paris is pretty expensive.
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I like Trip Advisor as a hotel resource. It helps if you have some idea of what neighborhood you might like to stay in. Given your budget, you should probably look in the eastern/northeastern end of Paris - the 10th, 11th, 12th, 19th and 20th arrondissements. And anywhere within city limits: 70 Euros for a 4-star room, vous rêvez. This ain't Dublin. Have fun!
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Hotel Jeanne D'arc in the 4th is small, nice, well located, currently 92E for 2 or 79E for 1. Stayed there in 2008 and it was charming :)
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The Hotel Porte Royal might be perfect. We stayed there years ago and it was fine -- and it's near Rue Mouffetard!
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