How to pick eco-friendly insulation?
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Does anyone have comparison info between UltraTouch and T.A.P. (Thermal-acoustical-pest control) insulation?

We are insulating an attic of a house built in 1920. We are removing the old fiberglas insulation, re-screening the vents (which are currently wide gapped wooden slats, excellent access for rodents) and completely vacuuming out the area to rid it of debris and rodent droppings, etc. We then want to install new more ecologically sound insulation. Does anyone have experience with UltraTrouch or T.A.P. (Thermal-acoustical-pest control)? What are the advantages of one over the other? Any other good ideas? We want pest control, rodent deterrence and insulation for heat and cold. The house is in Echo Park area of Los Angeles, Southern California, semi-rural setting.
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I don't have experience with any of those products, but I have noticed a lot of eco development using shredded denim insulation.
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