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Hairline threading in Boston or Philadelphia?

I'm looking for a salon or cosmetician that will clean up my hairline by removing the messy-looking baby hairs. I've heard that this can be done by 'threading' but can't seem to find any salons that offer work on hairlines. Anyone have recommendations for hairline-shaping services, involving threading or some other technique, in Boston or Philadelphia? Thanks.
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I would just go to the best threading salon you can find. The place I go to advertises for eyebrows, upper lip, and chin, but they'll basically do any part of your face if you ask for it. You're unlikely to find someplace that specifically offers this service, since it's slightly unusual, but any good place will have done it before. Look at the reviews, and pick a really good salon, and then ask them.
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Yes, what decathecting said. I recently got my brows and lip threaded at Fresh Hair in JP in Boston; Jenn did a great job. I have no doubt that if you called and asked she would be able to do hairline shaping for you.
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