Help me ID this b-movie from early 80's
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Cheesy, early 80's flick set either in the present or near future where punks (outrageous makeup and outfits) played some sort of videogame tournament on platforms, in a darkly lit arcade w/ huge joysticks sticking upward from the floor. It wasn't a straight comedy as I think there was dire consequences for losing. Death or something. I think I remember somebody losing and trying to escape their fate by running away into a nearby room w/ a girl while the crowd freaked out. I can't remember a single actor from the film but I think I might have seen it on USA's "Night Flight". I know I don't have much to go on but would love any/all help to figure this out. I've searched and searched but come up empty. Thank you!
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Best answer: Joysticks? It seems more like a comedy than a drama though.
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Could it be The Double 0 Kid?
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Arcade? Losers don't die, they get absorbed by the game.
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Response by poster: I think "Joysticks" is indeed the film. I checked out a bunch of clips after searching that title and the lead punk, 'King Vidiot', looks the part. It's been a really, really long time. Not sure I thought it was anything more than comedy. Thanks, iconomy!
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Wait a minute, I actually saw that piece of crap Joysticks, and it isn't at all what you're describing. The only dire consequences depicted happen from falling off a ladder while trying to peek at a naked woman. It's a Porky's-wanna-be for arcade gamers.
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I agree that it's "Joysticks." Oddly, I was just reading about it last night!
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Response by poster: @JoanArkham - That's hilarious. That book is the very reason I was looking for the name of the movie. A friend of mine told me about the book and we got to talking about the movies we could think of and neither of us could recall that film. I need to check out the book now for sure.
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Okay...this sounds like a scene from John Ritters "Stay Tuned"
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