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[Kindle] Shall I register my brand new kindle on, or - or can i register it on all of them ?

I have an account on, on and on - I live in the Netherlands.

- is where i most often buy stuff from (and where the kindle was purchased).

- is where i have an associates account and I receive a decent amount of money every month but can't ship physical goods from and would be perfect for Kindle purchases.

- is the only one with a decent selection of italian books.

Can i register my kindle on all of these? Which one shall i choose?
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I registered my Kindle to I've since discovered that some of the books from the US Kindle store are unavailable to people in Europe. Because I hardly ever buy books from amazon (preferring Project Gutenberg and Calibre) this is not really a problem for me. YMMV.
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While you can register multiple kindles to one account, you may not register one kindle to multiple accounts at the same time.

It is possible to switch your kindle registration to a different account (deregister it from the first account, re-register it on the second), but you will lose access to all of the content in the first account. The content in the first account remains, and can be read on the Kindle for PC application or a mobile device registered to that account, but it will not be available to your kindle unless you reverse the process (deregister kindle from the second account and re-register back to the first account.) I am not aware of a limit to the number of times you can make this switch.

You may find more information here, here or here.
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I'm not sure the above advices is exactly right. I got a kindle for Christmas last week-originally registered under my dad's account, snagged a bunch of his books and purchased a new book, deregistered and reregistered and all those books are still there. So I'm wondering if you can do the same, moving between accounts?
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Response by poster: purenitrous - that would be the ideal solution: you switch (register/deregister) when you do a purchase, but whatever "store" you are in, your library stays the same.
BUT it seems to good to be true. Shall i write amazon an email ?
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