Seen an ad with a black midget buying gold?
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There's this local ad i've seen several times in chicago, a black midget (dwarf? Little person?) wants to sell her gold, but is going to the wrong place. The Mr. T comes a long, picks her up and takes her to a different gold seller, which is apparently better. The ad ends with her happily counting a large stack of money. Please tell me what this ad is for and where I can watch it at my leisure. I can't find it on youtube or google video.

I know this sounds bizarre, but I swear, it is a real commercial. I've seen it during the daily show.
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Best answer: In the spirit of the Holidays:

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Response by poster: Wow, thanks so much. We couldn't remember the name, so we were just googling variations on "black midget mr. t gold" the results were terrifying.
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