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What are the best iPad apps for scholars, particularly in the humanities?

I'm a grad student who just got an iPad, and I'm hoping to make it as useful as possible in my academic work. I know I'll need a good pdf reader (what's the best one that will let me annotate pdfs?) and I'm hoping I can use zotero on it; what else should I be downloading? I'm in the humanities, but I'm leaving this as non-specific as possible in hopes that people will suggest more things, rather than listing only those that are specifically designed for my discipline or by academics. I'd rather look at lots of things that are only tangentially related to what I do than limit the answers I get.
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iAnnotate PDF is the one I use - it exports the annotations rather than keeping them in-application, and it's very flexible. I think GoodReader also allows PDF annotation now too, so worth checking that out, as it's a great app on its other merits too.
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Best answer: Seconding iAnnotate.







A good mindmapping app.
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Best answer: I use Dropbox and Evernote nearly every day. Having access to all my files all the time is great. Also, Evernote has good voice notes built in, which would be good for those times when you get an idea and can't write it down.

For quick notes I sometimes use Adobe Ideas with a Pogo Sketch stylus, but my work is basically just pictures with dots and lines. All these are free apps, by the way.
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A decent RSS reader, pointed at good humanities blogs. (Let me know if you find one).
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Instapaper is nice for lazy one-click "read this page later" for articles online; I haven't used Soundnote since I don't have an iPad, but I like the idea (recording audio in time with written notes).
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Seconding Evernote...also good reader is a must!
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My favorite mindmapping app is IthoughtsHD. I used it this morning while having snow tires installed to map out a course I'm teaching.
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