I want to play this game again, but don't know what it is! *sad face*
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Help me track down an old arcade game, if you can...

I used to visit a really awesome arcade called Copper Cue (it was actually a pool hall too) in Wichita, Kansas. It was the height of coin-operated video games, and I would usually have my birthday parties there.

On one, single visit, I played a really fun game that I have never seen since. It was two player and each player controlled an airplane with a hook attached to the tail. You shot at enemies and if your airplane got shot, your character jumped out and landed on the ground where he/she could find another mode of transportation. I remember a pogo stick, riding on an elephant (?), a bicycle, etc.

You could also jump up and grab the hook on the second player's plane and ride on the back, swinging around on a rope or chain.

Does anybody know what this was?
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It was Boogie Wings.
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It might have been known by its alternate title as well, The Great Ragtime Show.
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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