What happens to Playmobil in the garage over time?
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What does repeated freezing and thawing do to Playmobil and Lego?

My mother keeps the Playmobil and Lego my brother and I had as kids in the garage. We're currently trying to decide whether the repeated freeze/thaw cycles they're experiencing will turn the plastic brittle. Should my brother and I keep arguing that she should save them for the hypothetical grandchildren or will they be useless to the hypothetical grandchildren?
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Lego damaged by cold?

FWIW, my childhood bricks survived for almost 20 years in my parents' uninsulated attic.
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I would generally say it does't do anything. As long as the pieces are dry when they freeze. Moisture or water in the small crevises can wreck havoc.

(And I would also point out that older Lego:s generally feels more sturdy than todays offerings.)

Your children will have fun with your Lego/Duplo, no probs.
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My Lego bricks were in storage for 20 years or so and the only thing that happened was most of the rubber tires got old and brittle. They all split whenever we take them off the plastic wheels. Lego may have since improved the rubber. YMMV.

The plastic was fine.
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My son (aged six) currently plays with both Lego and Playmobil that belonged to his father (aged 37). It has been stored in various places, through extreme heat and cold, and travelled from its original places of manufacture to Australia and now to the UK. Some of the Playmobil is a bit fragile (as in it breaks easily when a six year old is not as careful as he probably could be) but like bondcliff mentions, other than old rubber tyres, lego seems almost indestructible.

It's really worth saving. I hate most modern Lego (though my son loves Star Wars lego) and am glad to have a huge mass of generic, non-gendered, non-character specific lego to play with. And Playmobil that includes road crews with obligatory beer. But as others have said - if you are really worried, take on the responsibility of storage yourself.
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LEGO is nigh-indestructible.
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Should be fine. Plastic tends to break down in the presence of UV light but hot/cold shouldn't be much of a problem.
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