What Enclosure Does this Hard Drive Need?
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I received an internal hard drive as a Xmas present and I would like to use it as an external hard drive. What enclosure should I buy?

This is the hard drive listed on Amazon - 2TB Hard Drive

I do not currently have a desktop to install this drive into, but I would love to use it as an external hard drive for my laptop.

So my question is twofold. What enclosure should I buy and where can I buy it? If I could walk into a brick and mortar store here in New York and purchase it that would be great, but if online stores have the better price / selection than of course I would prefer an online option.

Thanks for any help.
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almost any SATA 3.5 enclosure will work, just do some homework on quality, and DO NOT buy one with any plastic parts that are detrimental to it keeping secure in the case, they will melt over time.
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From my experience, Akasa make the best quailty enclosures.
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I have this, which has worked very well.
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Go down to B&H and get the second cheapest USB enclosure they have. They're pretty much a commodity.
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I've also had good experiences with Icy Dock--I think I have a tower of five or six of them sitting on my computer.
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There are only a few variables that matter when it comes to enclosure: size (3.5" or 2.5"), internal interface (SATA or IDE/PATA), and external interface (USB or firewire.) Size should be 3.5", internal interface SATA, and external interface can be whatever is more convenient for you. It's usually a good idea to get one that's either Aluminum or has a cooling fan (or both) for the health of the drive. Other than that, not a lot matters; they really are a commodity item.
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I have what null terminated links to. It works for me. I copied 1.5TB over to it and there were no errors.
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I bought one of these a little while ago. It's okay, works fine. Like Rhomboid says, they're pretty much a commodity item.
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Holy cow, that's the same thing null terminated linked to. Okay, well, if you'd prefer, you can call that three votes for the Rosewill.
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USB 3.0 is now available and will be much faster (theoretically 10x) than 2.0 when you have a computer that supports it. Future-proof yourself with something like this. Rosewill again! I have two and they work fine.
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As an aside, I'd be very careful if you're going to be using it with a laptop. I've had many a 3.5'' "portable" HD die when they got knocked over. That's why I've switched over to using 2.5'' HD for portable. That being said I use Rosewill and it works well for me.
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Ordering a Rosewill right now, thanks for the help.
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