What to get the boy who has everything?
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What should I buy for myself? Help me buy myself something by telling me about your favorite Christmas gift that you received this year.

My husband and I (both 30 year old males) always spend all our money in December on others and have our own private Christmas in January, each waiting to get something that we wanted when we can better afford it, but this year is different because I can't think of one thing that I'd want for myself. I want to know what you got that made your Christmas, or something that you wished you had thought of and given to someone else. Naturally I don't feel any internal desire to get anything because I realize how fortunate I am, with my loving spouse, my home, dog, friends, & already having everything that my heart desires. Please no suggestions about donations to charity; not that I am a heartless bastard-nor am I a materialistic person, it's just this should be for me, & has been a tradition of ours for years now, & feel like my husband would feel bad if I don't pick out something for myself that can be "from him", leaving him to enjoy his gift alone.
Flat screen TV's, MP3 players, Camera's, & E-Readers are right out, as we already have all those things. Budget of say $150.
I have an interest in novel writing if that helps. I look forward to your suggestions.
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Do you want to know what our favorite Christmas gift was, or do you want suggestions for $150 items to buy for yourself?
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Response by poster: Your favorite gift, price really doesn't matter.
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I'm liking my Apple TV.
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It's a bit over budget, but if you are going to be spending time novel writing, then a first rate desk lamp would be helpful. The Anglepoise Type 1228 is a fantastic lamp that blends retro and modern and will likely last as long as you do.
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Last year my husband and I saved our Christmas money to buy cherry trees in the spring.
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We always give each other the gift of travel - like a weekend trip to some local place we always wanted to visit.

On the same line, is there something you've been interested in but never had time to investigate? Painting, knitting, welding, cooking, mountain biking, or whatever? The "permission" to spend some time and money pursuing a new hobby (even if it doesn't pan out) would be a great gift to myself.

This may be too electronic-y, but we've been gifting a lot of digital picture frames, and they're always a big hit.
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I don't give gifts very often, and at this point I don't want pple to get me gifts because...I really don't about the material stuff at this point. However, if I were to give someone a gift, it would be something that you could experience or learn rather than have.

So for your interest....are there any live, in person novel writing type classes? If not locally available, online classes with feedback?

We don't know your other interests, but if you like plays, what about season tix to whatever play, whatever opera (I don't know, your interest has to be inserted in here at some point, but you get the idea).

Or if you like to cook, what about a professional level cooking class (that's what I would get for a friend of mine who loves cooking...again, anything that you want to learn or experience?)
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Do you have any interest in longhand writing? One of my favorite gifts, although now I don't get very good use out of it, was a very, very nice pen. I then proceeded to break my writing hand and now it's too heavy for me to write with, alas. It's a Libelle rollerball, and it is still one of the prettiest things I own. But a good pen, plus maybe a couple Moleskines or something would be a pretty classic writer's gift. Maybe throw in my second-favorite Christmas present ever, which was a copy of Writing Down the Bones, even though writing with a nice pen in a nice notebook is pretty much breaking the rules. ;)
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Best answer: My favourite Christmas gift, every year, is a piece of art. This year it was this print. Other years it's been something smaller or simpler - I can always find something within whatever budget I'm working with, but this one is symbolic because we haven't been to Austin in ages; we miss Joe; and we've always wanted something of John Langford's - so I kind of chose something we'd both like. But other years it's been a good photograph, a ceramic, a tattoo or a small letterpress print, or just something that resonates and kind of symbolizes the year. I still love every one, remember each year by them, and have never regretted the choices. It's always a luxury, but I also like to support artists and galleries and to feather my nest with very personal choices.
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I got cooking books and gadgets that I had been wanting. Don't know if you cook, but if you do these things are awesome:

a (real, regrinding) knife sharpener,
electric mixer,
pasta attachment for said mixer,
digital scale,
really good glass mixing bowls,
On Food and Cooking by Harold McGee,
My Life in France by Julia Child,
Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child

You could also sign yourself up for six months of a "month club". Like bacon of the month, fruit of the month, coffee of the month etc. For Christmas I got my dad a food of the month club that delivers products from the state where he lives. He sent us an assortment package from Omaha Steaks which you could also get with your budget.
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Well, I like to cook so my favourite gifts this year were cookbooks.

Other things that I have enjoyed as gifts, particularly because I would never buy them myself? REALLY expensive bath products and cashmere socks. (So decadent!)
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Are you nerdy? If so, I recommend that you get a zero volume, single surface, self intersecting, non orientable manifold made out of glass. Because they are really cool, that's why.

What about the collected Calvin and Hobbes? Well worth having, but hard to justify for the price (which makes it perfect as a gift). The collected Sandman? Far Side?

How about a Galileo Thermometer?
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I got a deep fryer. I will use it to fry things.
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My favorite gift this year was a weekend trip from my girlfriend, for the two of us. Since there's nothing material you're actually wanting, a trip sounds perfect for you. It would be especially nice if he planned everything for you.
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I got The Complete Far Side and a wooden stand to display it on. I will display it in my living room and turn one page of this sacred tome every day from now until infinity.
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I got a pair of Vibram FiveFingers because my first two pair are getting worn out. I love them like my own feet.
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my favorite gift by far was a copy of patti smith's "just kids".
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I also suggest a trip. It doesn't even have to be fancy - yesterday, I took the city bus from Seattle to Puyallup to spend the day eating delicious diner food and poking around zillions of antique stores. A very relaxing day, even if Sound Transit tried to ruin it towards the end
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This year, one of my presents from my boyfiend was a crate of Lego. I'm 32 and haven't had any for about 20 years so I'd forgotten how fun it was - like crazy, haven't stopped playing with it for four days, trash talking model building competitions with him fun.
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Why not buy this and then record yourself telling the love story of how you and your husband met, fell in love, and your favorite memories about him?

Then, print out what you've recorded and bind it for his birthday present (or your next anniversary together).

Things I notice about some couples: they don't take a lot of photos and frame them, they keep them on the computer. Others assume that their kids will take on their "legacy" (family recipes, traditions, history, background or trade). There may come a time when you forget these little things, or people ask and you can't tell them as clearly as you can now.

I know I'd love it - it's a thoughtful present and the unique perspective you have about your relationship is something no amount of money can buy.
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The best gift I've gotten in a long time is an enormous (15"!) cast-iron skillet. I can make up to five pork chops now! Five! At the same time!
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I once paid for my ex to attend a playwriting workshop. You could try something like that, if you think you'll actually go. (He didn't. That's the problem with 'experience' gifts; the giver unwittingly places a burden on the recipient. But since you're both, maybe that's not a problem.)
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My favourite was an arduino inventor's kit. My husband's favourite was a Squeezebox Boom.
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What about a nice fountain pen? Many writers like to write things out in long hand. For $150. you could find a fair number of pens with gold nibs. It would be best to check the pens out in person so that you could find one that is a good fit in your hand. It might inspire you to write more!

Or, maybe a first edition of one of your favorite books? Perhaps one of those that inspired you to write?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your help guys. Appreciate it!
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