I am looking for the best information about hip flexibility.
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I am looking for a web site or book that someone here can recommend detailing ALL major stretches for the hips and lower body that also shows anatomical diagrams of exactly what is being stretched by the stretches. I have seen some good stuff on the net, but i am looking for a complete list with anatomical diagrams. If it is only hips, thats OK too. Thank You.

After 20 years of chronic lower back problems I realized that my lack of hip flexibility was the cause. I read about " lower crossed syndrome" and it all looked familiar. It starts with tight iliopsoas muscle. They are directly attached to the spine from the front and when tight, they pull your spine into anterior lordosis. I started doing simple hip stretches obsessively and in two weeks am nearly pain free. I can't believe I waited 20 years to seriously tackle this. It has gotten much better on the outward rotation, but my inward rotation is still HORRIBLE from walking with hip "turn out" all my life. I now want to stay with it, and have incredibly LOOSE hips and lower body.
Web accessible is preferred as i can put it on all of my digital devices however I will gladly get any great recommended books available.
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Best answer: Try the book "Yoga Anatomy" by Lesie Kaminoff. It has diagrams of what is going on inside your body when you stretch. I can't link to it right now, but it looks like it would be helpful.
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Sorry - Leslie Kaminoff.
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Response by poster: Looks great.
Just ordered it!
Thanks CanadianGirl.
If anyone knows of something similar focusing on Martial Arts, that would be great.
Please keep the suggestions coming..
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As a complement to the yoga, you might also have a look at the New York City Ballet Workout book. I have also battled lower back problems and my experience with their exercises is better than my experience with yoga. They do not use the explicit names of all the anatomical parts, but they have photographs of the exercises from different angles and it is usually clear exactly what part is being worked.
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Best answer: There's a whole bunch of books on Amazon along the lines of Yoga Anatomy, with drawings of what's going on inside the body with the muscles. Stretching Anatomy, Strength Training Anatomy, etc. There's one for Martial Arts coming out in February 2011.
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