Expo 2005, Nagoya
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Expo 2005, Nagoya, Japan. Anyone been? Anybody going? Any tips for staying in/around Nagoya? Thanks!

I know two things: (1) that all sites such as hotels.com, expedia, etc., are full; (2) that the Expo is outside Nagoya, and you have to take a train there. So I'm looking to stay somewhere near the train route. But apart from that I know little about Nagoya, and the 'Nagoya' sections in guidebooks in local book shops are pretty thin, perhaps because Nagoya is not high on the tourist to-do list.
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Curious. I've not even heard of this expo. I wonder if it is going to flop? I had heard someone say that since Disney built Epcot, no more big Expos.
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Response by poster: I'm hoping that it will be interesting! It certainly looks interesting; and cheap flights straight to Nagoya from US make it worth the effort, I think.
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I lived close to Nagoya (in Seto) when I was studying in Japan. I don't know much about hotels in the area, but Seto is famous for pottery (if you are into that kind of thing). There is a rebuilt castle at Nagoya that is a big tourist trap, but I enjoyed visiting it. Osu Kannon Temple and the shopping area around it are fun. If you want more details, e-mail me and I can try to see if I can come up with more information.
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I went two weeks ago, and would recommend it (although would recommend wearing warmer clothes than I did). I didn't stay in Nagoya, though. I took the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya in the morning, and then on to Osaka that night. At the main Nagoya train station there are tons of clearly marked signs to a cheap half hour shuttle bus to the Expo (10 yen for the round trip ticket). When I was planning, I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to spend enough time at the actual expo, but it turned out to be plenty of time to see tons of the pavilions with tiny lines, and one with a big line (robots!). If you wanna know more, feel free to email me.
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emyd, is it true what I heard: ¥600 each for a bottle of water, Coca-Cola and using the toilet?
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Carter, I've been to Nagoya 4 times, and no, I didn't really find much, but I was on business. What I can tell you is: don't leave without trying miso nikomi udon.
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I used to live in Nagoya and I'm planning on going to the expo this summer.

I studied pottery in Japan and if you're interested in that I would recommend Tokoname over Seto or Tajimi. Seto is great, though, if you want hands on experience.

The Aquarium is pretty good and very easy to get to. There is also Atsuta Jingu, home of Kusanagi, the grass mowing sword. Next to the shrine is the best place to get hitsumabushi ever.
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planetkyoto - the concession stands with food and drink were super expensive, but there were normally priced drink vending machines everywhere, and free bathrooms. Oh, yeah, that was something annoying - absolutely zero vegetarian options. Not even that many places selling fish, which seems to be considered a vegetable. Most of the food was of the beef-on-a-stick variety.
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At the expo, you should stop by Satsuki and Mei's house from My Neighbor Totoro!
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody - those are cool suggestions! Robots, udon, My Neighbour Totoro, what more could you ask for; and I look forward to sampling some hitsumabushi!
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