Winter day-hikes around Minneapolis
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Does anyone have a suggested day-hike in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area for this time of year?

I don't feel like working tomorrow, and I'd rather suit up, grab my JetBoil and and strap on my boots to hit the trail with a buddy for a good hike. So, that being said does anyone have any suggested winter routes in the greater area? I'm more than willing to drive a tiny bit to see some nice views, at least I know there won't be any freakin' mosquitoes out there.

I took a little look around and found some previous posts with info, but I'm hungry for more
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Best answer: I like hiking around the Carver Park Reserve in winter.
posted by sanka at 6:10 AM on December 28, 2010

Response by poster: nice. That's near the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, which I was already being tempted by
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Battle Creek Regional Park in St Paul
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I'll confirm that the Landscape Arboretum is nice is winter, I did that several times when I lived there.
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Elm Creek Park is usually pretty empty this time of year. It's probably more of a walk than a hike, but you have open prairie and some more wooded areas as well.
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The Minnesota River Valley Trail is very fun in all seasons. It runs from Minneapolis to Le Seuer, but the best places to go are in Shakopee, Chaska, and Jordan. I'd reccommend the Louisville Swamp area of the trail. You'll find all kinds of wildlife and scenery both natural and industrial. My family heads out there a few times a year and we have a blast, though we should go more because we live only a mile or so away.

Here is the MN DNR page for the trail.
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Response by poster: Carver Park Reserve for the win. We're looking forward to a nice 4.4 mile hike :)
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