Best Trampoline for Kids?
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We want to buy an indoor trampoline to help our 5 y.o. son burn off some energy. Each brand I've seen on amazon comes with such wildly divergent reviews that I can't tell which one to go with.

Any trampers out there with a preference?

The following are not at all necessary but would be good to know about as we consider brands:

folds up for apt. storage

able to hold two kids or adult's weight (I realize this takes us out of the realm of kid trampoline and into adult fitness ones, but we'll consider one of those as well if they are safe for kids)

Thank you!
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We don't have an indoor trampoline but we're on our second Little Tikes bouncer. They're meant to be used outdoors but we've always used it inside. We have one now with steps to climb up and slides to get in and out of the bouncer. Our 4 year old son loves it and his friends love it. They jump and bounce around, and we throw in a bunch of balls, and it's great indoor exercise for the kids. We've had 3-4 little kids in there at a time. It does hold an adult's weight but not so much for jumping .. sometimes one of us will get in there and roll around with him. It folds up and stores pretty easily in a carry bag and it's even sort of portable if you want to take it some place.

The walls hold the kids in and they don't get so much bounce that they can attempt flips and other crazy stuff unsupervised (yes, we're there whenever it's inflated). One of my son's little friends has a pediatrician mom and she won't let her daughter jump on trampolines at all because of safety concerns but she happily lets her play in the bouncer. (No judgment here on my part, this last bit is not meant as an editorial).

I know this isn't exactly what you're looking for but maybe it's an option for you. Seriously, these bouncers have gotten us through a couple of long, cold, snowy Midwest winters.
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My kids have the Airzone 38" trampoline. It holds an adult just fine. We have a "one person at a time on the trampoline" rule, as it gets crowded with more than one person and it makes it too likely someone will crash off or a fight will break out -- but in terms of weight, it would do. It doesn't fold but the legs screw off, so you could stash it under a bed.
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Those mini trampolines - most of them unfold when you first put them together, but they're not made to fold and unfold; it's really *hard* to fold them flat. I'd go with screwing the legs off to save space, not folding and unfolding it.
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