Fun things to do with Wii, streaming media, and network storage!
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Help me figure out how to make the ultimate backup/streaming media setup under $200. Or, just tell me cool things to do with my Wii that I haven't thought of. (more inside)

I just got a Wii + Fit Plus and I'm also in the process of buying some kind of 1TB+ type of backup drive for all my media. Currently I have an older desktop attached to my TV that I use for streaming media but it doesn't support larger drives and I'm out of space. I also have a few laptops that I use in other rooms for movie & music.

I'd like to buy a larger drive or NAS (at least 1TB) in order to store and share all of my media. I could just mount it (Ubuntu) on the desktop and share it on the network but I'm looking for something more creative.

I'd also like to find a way to make it redundant like in a RAID..

Also, any suggestions for ANYTHING else that I can use my Wii for will be welcomed. I mainly got it for exercise and probably won't buy many games.

I know I'm all over the place, but I'm looking for all kinds of solutions and ideas. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Wii netflix channel works well. I use it for that at least as often as I play actual games.
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If you are able to softmod the Wii, you can install WiiMC. As long as you aren't concerned about 480i being the highest resolution you can stream or attach a USB drive with you media for playback. You can also backup your games to the drive and install a USB loader if you'd like, which makes playing different games much less of a hassle.

As far as media storage goes, for under $200 with redundancy a roll-your-own NAS like FreeNAS installed on an old system with RAID1 would be the cheapest way to go, otherwise some two drive USB attached storage devices come in around that price point, and most of those have built in simple mirroring.
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